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Wild Church

Mount Saint John

4400 Shakertown Rd.

Dayton OH 45430

Sunday, June 2


You are invited into a new worship experience called Wild Church that includes both worship of God with nature and the blessings of community. At Wild Church you will be called not only to open your heart and mind but also your senses—hearing the voice of God in the the song of birds, feeling God’s presence in the wind, seeing God’s beauty in the trees and animals. Wild Church isn’t just a church service held outside. We learn, lament, pray, praise, and practice with the trees, plants, animals and the land. It is a time for re-union with creation and the ever-present God of creation. Worship happens naturally when you let go of the questions and the expected and come to a place where Mystery is experienced and not explained. Church of the Wild, Victoria Loorz

What to Expect


Each gathering draws on basic pieces of worship rooted in tradition from a time when worship places and practices took place with the nature. Our Call to Worship is an honoring of the land, its indigenous people, and watershed. It is  followed by readings, a song, and an intention for our time together. Liturgy is meant to call us to action and as a way to keep our liturgy fresh and meaningful we encourage each participant to share poems and readings that will inspire us into full participation and action. We move into a time of silence though Centering Prayer which flows seamlessly into the “homily” as we are invited to walk the trails or find a special spot to sit and have a conversation with God. We end each gathering back in the circle to reflect and share our experiences, insights, and inspirations as an offering to the community.   

What you need to bring:

  • This is an outside event, dress appropriately. Wear sturdy walking shoes, etc.

  • Bring a lawn chair to put in a circle as we gather. 

  • If you have a favorite poem or reading that you want to share relating to a nature theme, you are welcome to bring it.

  • Journal (optional)

  • We will collect a donation for the Marianist Environmental Education Center (optional).

Friends and family are welcome!

Labyrinth Brochure

Welcome to the Bergamo Center For Life Long Learning Booklet
    This is a great resource of information about Bergamo Center, history, map, points of interest.


If you are interested in joining one these Wild Church gatherings or you would like to learn about how you could have one for your unit or organization in your area, email here.

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