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Soul Care

How is it with your soul? The secret to maintaining strong, healthy, and fruitful ministries lies in how we support and restore the wellbeing of our souls. Soul Care is not about you doing; it is about what God is doing. We all deserve a time when we simply place ourselves in a position for God to care for us. You are invited to take part in these opportunities that provide practices that tend to your soul and lead you to "experience freedom as whole persons". Gift yourself sacred time to embrace an intentional way of living. In sacred time we give ourselves permission to slow down to reflect, breath, and linger with the Divine.  

Image by Ashley Batz

Time to explore with others

Image by Matt Hoffman

Connect to God through eco-worship experiences while deepening commitment to a suffering earth

Wild Church


A time for contemplative prayer and conversation

Virtual Centering Prayer Circle 

Sitting on a Bench

Take time from your busy-ness and join us for a time for renewal and fellowship.

Retreat Opportunities

Time for Personal Exploration

Gift yourself time each day for reflection, healing, and renewal.  Rest your body and mind. Make space in your home, your heart, and your soul to live into a spiritual discipline.  


  • Create a sacred space that is designated for you and the Divine to meet each day. 

  • Light a candle or incense to engage your senses.

  • You may chose to read a poem or some other meaningful passage. Listen to hear "the still small voice of God" in the words. 

  • Or you may wish to bring awareness to what you are grateful for in the moment. Notice how gratitude feels in your body.

  • Sit quietly and rest in your breath. Let the breath draw you closer into the presence of the Divine.

  • When you feel refreshed, bring your hands together at your heart-center and offer a few words of loving-kindness for yourself and all others.


Blessed Source of Joy,

Carve out room in us for the inexpressible      

   delights of love.

Let our hearts become fountains overflowing

   into the world with your love and      


Help us to pause each day, and whisper

   “thank you” for the most ordinary

      graces and gifts.

In the way that you looked upon your

      Creation and called everything so good,

            kindle in us that generous vision.

Lift us beyond our narrow concerns

   and help us to see how there is no        


We are all connected.

Support us in honoring our bodies as sacred    

   temples and losing ourselves in the great    

      cosmic dance.


~~Christine Valters Paintner

Be Still and Know
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